CFL11FS/MED, 11W CFL 15,000 Hours Equal to 40W, 5000K Full Spectrum

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Natural light from the sun and sky has a balanced spectrum, rendering colors perfectly. However, most artificial bulbs emit light in only a narrow scope of the visual spectrum. Aero-Tech’s FULL element (neodymium oxide) mixed directly into the glass which has a natural filter to diffuse the dull yellow/green portions of the spectrum. This produces truer more natural colors and has been found to have a positive effect on how people perceive their surroundings. Great for pets and plants, too!

Bulb Specifications
Hours 15,000 h
Watts 11
Bulb A
Base Med
Replaces 40 Watt
Voltage 120 V
Maximum Overall Length (MOL) 4 in
Weight 0.19375 lb
Product Code FS4B-11W
Description 11W equal to 40A19 Full spectrum
Price per Each
Minimum Order None


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