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Aero-Tech Light Bulb Co. was founded in 1987 by Ray and Kathy Schlosser as a privately held specialty lighting company. We started manufacturing our Long Life Rough Service Bulb line in Mullins, SC. Our focus was to produce the highest quality lamps possible in America by Americans. Not only does Aero-Tech have the experience of lamp manufacturing, but we also have a wealth of knowledge and experience in aluminizing, painting, Teflon and Silicone coating bulbs. Aero-Tech quickly grew to be a respected force in the Lighting Industry.

The Lighting Industry has moved to an Energy Saving Environment, such as Compact Fluorescent’s which came to life in the 90’s. In 2007 Buildings Magazine gave its “Editor’s Choice Top Product Award” along with Elle Magazines May 2007 “Green Award” to us for our Patented CFL bulbs along with the Annual Eco-Event Day in Hollywood Go Green with such celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Leo DiCaprio, to name a few. Ray had an idea and designed the patented CFL to look like a light bulb.

However, in December of 2016 we were forced to close down our manufacturing facility because we could no longer obtain Raw materials in the US for our Long Life Rough Service Bulbs.

TODAY after working for year’s we have a very unique line of CLEAR and Frost LED”s in 30,000 hours, FULL BEAM SPREAD, THE WHOLE BULB LIGHTS UP so it evenly distributes the light for you. It has a Patented Heat Sink that burns 15% cooler than other half-moon LED bulbs. Most other LED bulbs only have light coming out of the top half for only 180 degrees. Aero-Tech’s unique Patented Heat Sink allows us a whole 360 degree bulb to light up and is rated at 30,000 hours. Our LED MR16’s (mini-reflector) is an adjustable 3 in 1 (narrow flood- flood – wide flood), just by turning the dial.

We are centrally located in Schaumburg, Illinois which makes shipping product quickly to any location in the United States.


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