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Commercial and Industrial Solutions

Commercial and Industrial SolutionsAero-Tech Light Bulb Co. has the products for your warehouse, office building, retail store or manufacturing facility. Indoors or out, from energy efficient compact and linear fluorescent products to HID lamps and ballasts, we have you covered!

  • Aero-Tech 20,000 Hour Bulbs
  • Metal halide, including Pulse Start Metal Halide: the white light source for high lumen output and long life.
  • High Pressure Sodium: tough to beat when watching your energy budget and color is not critical to your application.
  • Mercury Vapor: the "old technology", but still highly prized by landscape architects and gardeners for great greenery and outdoor effects.
  • Low Pressure Sodium: the ultimate in lumen per watt efficiency with the characteristic low CRI.
  • Fluorescent Tubes: from major manufacturers in T-5 to T12, preheat to instant and programmed start, we carry tubes in a wide variety of Color Temperatures and Color Rendering Indexes to suit your needs.
  • CFL's: Compact fluorescent tubes or screw-in retrofit kits in a wide variety of base configurations and color temperatures for use with magnetic or electronic ballasts.
  • Ballasts: For HID and fluorescent fixtures as well as fluorescent and HID signs. We now carry the 5-tap HID ballasts to streamline stock so we have the voltage you need!

If you are looking for a product not listed please Contact Us.